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Global Domination Lyrics

(Lord Lhus)
You don't wanna step we f*cking you up
I'm with the click now - in T.Dot Running em up
Hit you wit sick styles
Comin' for your daughters and sons with a crew of hits
But I'm the father of your style wit a gun, get ammunition
I can never be stopped, you can never take my spot
But you can get shot, ask about me on the block
It's the one real as Lhus, never faking to fuck
It be like some killin ... in the face of a chump
This is murder rap, the rebirth of raw music
We connect in T.O with Reel Wolf and Tom Vujcic
A nuisance - spark marijuana everyday
It's Lord Lhus, South Carolina born and raised ... mutha fucka!

(Sean Strange)
I'm a New York giant, attackin your front line
With a shotgun clappin have you gaggin on blood trife?
My click will give the morgue another toe to tag
Chop you up and stuff your head into the bowling bag
Show the flag - prepare for Global Domination
Control the population, never fold to confrontation
I'm doper than a bundle if you dare to try
Better know I got the shovel and a bag of lines
My names Sean - the true product of the Creep Code
No matter what my heart will forever be cold
Through the jungle my people keep lurkin
Cousin Pat to the death - the fuckin' Street Urchin
We keep the heat burstin'

(J Nyce)
They gon' kill us, nah, we gon' kill them
We're not guerillas, we just real men
Real killers gripping heaters 'till your steel bends
Real recognize real, but I don't hear them
End of the world, end of the road, disappearing
Hanging from the end of the rope, this is where it ends
My friends were informants saying they were???
They got me in a sting like a nest full of hornets
I'm not going to the bing, I'm going to war with
The Canadian government, judges and lawyers
I think God is sitting back, watching and enjoying this
Destroy this - J Nyce hit the button, the missile deployed with

Sicknature part of the goons, Stompin' platoons
Ya'll get entombed if ya'll interrupting
We barge into this game with the marvelous move
Your better off embarking for doom
I fuck your image up like a tattoo artist on shrooms
I ain't stoppin' for less - Think because I'm sick
You'll be stuck in the bed with dickfaces
Cuz I'm fucked in the head
We could release this - the reaper deceases; Eager to eat this
A beast that's quick at snatching your chain
Leavin' you pieceless
Sinister with prominent wishes - Stoppin your business
Shit is in re like you got your eye popped with the spinach
Got immaculate plans - Used to chill in Copenhagen
Now I'm crashing through the gates of your city
Like a battering Ram

(Shallow Pockets)
Total the damage, I've broken the planet, awoke in a panic
So much for granted - you don't understand it and the cannon...
Brought a gun to the show - they should've pat me down
Dead bodies on the floor - hope you happy now
Now the cops on the phone tryin' to talk down
Won't let the hostage go but I'll let off a round
Take over the globe - take over your town
Vancouver to Scotia - I hear you loud
Cop dope when the price is down
Look at your head it got a price on it now
Livin' the life that you writing about
Seek Pockets and the lights went out!

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