Slipknot - Opium Of The People


Opium Of The People Lyrics

Watch those idiosyncrasies
Watch all the idiots fall on me
Running out of ways to get outta the way
Take another shot just to stay the same

But I need some balance, back it off
Fill your lungs 'til it makes you cough
Tell me everything's gonna be alright
'Cause I don't think, I'll make it through tonight

The only way is all the way
The only way, is all the way
The only way
(The only way)
Is all the way
(Is all the way)
The only way
(The only way)
Is all the way

Oh my God
It's judgment day and I'm not prepared
Everybody's out there's runnin' scared
So take a little bit off the top
I don't care, just make it stop

I won't give another soul to you
I won't give another life to you
You don't have to stop
Stop, stop, stop

Do one thing and say something cryptic
But the styles always clash
One thing I know for sure
Hypothetical won't work anymore

One wrong move and they will pound
My nails are tight inside my wrists
This sacrament is sacrilege and sentimental
Deity experimental faith is accidental

I won't give another soul to you
I won't give another life to you
I won't give another thought to you
I won't give anymore my hope to you


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Songwriter(s): Craig Jones, Nathan Jordison, Mickael Thomson, Chris Fehn, James Root, Paul Gray, Michael Crahan, Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson
Copyright: Emi April Music Inc., Music That Music
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..... 09/28/10,23:03

that coming from the kid who came to comment on slipknot millions of times. im no jock, im myself. emos are posers and they ruin metal. get a life f.a.g.g.i.t.
sk8 4 life 09/23/10,11:01

your just a gay sports jock that is mad because your getting fat so you make fun of emo people cuz most of them arent fat and you are
ThePeople 11/05/09,00:21

We maggots are the people...We control the world, we make our own decisions, there is no law,no justice,no control. Just mad chaotic freedom!
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