Summit Lyrics Feat. Ellie Goulding

Peak, peak - peak, peak...

A silent heart ticking under the ground
Taking the weight of which has yet to be found
If you can hear me now why don't you recall
I was the one who cared after all...

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Songwriter(s): Sonny Moore
Copyright: Copaface
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Meaning to "Summit Feat. Ellie Goulding" song text (9 meanings)
skateboard_tobi 10/24/12,22:58

To me it says creep. And yes I will tell you that this song lifts my soul. From my life experiences I understand that it says for me to go & break it down on the board like this.
Wilber S. 08/29/12,13:28

It is about being abandoned by someone special and bearing the weight with no understanding why it is happening, calling out but receiving no response.
chris j 04/10/12,23:45

This song is obviously meant to blast you off on dmt. Breath peak. Getting your sould pulled from your body. Its like a weightlessness you've never known
derp 03/15/12,20:35

its actually a sullen heart not silent. ellie goulding tweeted this herself. so... what might that mean
T Hud 03/03/12,14:40

A silent heart ticking under the ground, could also be in reference to the Edgar Allan Poe short story The Tell Tale Heart.
Mike A 02/15/12,21:32

I personally think that the song is about someone helping someone else to the peak of where they wanted to be in life then that person forgetting about who helped them. Taking the weight off..I was
new2dubstep 02/14/12,09:23

I like both Cole W's and Mak's meanings but my question is, what is 'a silent heart ticking under the ground' supposed to mean??
Mak 01/14/12,23:27

I think its about somebody getting over an obstacle in life thats like a mountain but they cant get to the top without getting through everything above and below them
Cole W 01/11/12,17:18

I think this song is about someone who is feeling like they're lost, misunderstood, or just depressed, feeling like no one will help them.
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