My Love Lyrics

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, you have found peace
You were searching for release

You gave it all into the call
You took a chance and
You took the fall for us

You came thoughtfully
Loved me faithfully
You taught me honor
You did it for me

Tonight you will sleep for good
You will wait for me, my love

Now I am strong, you gave me all
You gave all you had
And now I am home

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love, look what you can do
I am mending, I'll be with you

You took my hand and added a plan
You gave me your heart
I asked you to dance with me

You loved honestly
Did what you could release
Ah, ooh

I know you're pleased to go
I won't relieve this love

Now I am strong, you gave me all
You gave all you had
And now I am home

My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, I'll be with you

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Songwriter(s): Oliver Kraus, Sia Furler
Copyright: Emi Music Publishing Ltd., Long Lost Brother Management Ltd.
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Ashley 07/11/12,12:20

This song is amazingly good... in rough times I listen to this song.. I know I haven't found love just yet.. but I know its out there...this song gives me and so many other people hope in finding love
toko 12/09/13,11:25

she wrote this song when her (first love) boyfriend died. They traveled together (I presume after high school) and at one point she stayed in Thailand and he flew to London. 2 weeks before she was coming over as well, he died in a car accident. heart breaking ! It's awful to lose a person you love and care about.
I love the song, reminds me to treasure the loving people I have in my life because they can be gone anytime.
Albertinah 05/13/12,08:41

I always knew I had love in me,I just didn't know that it would be defined so perfectly, and in this song I know I have yet to wait for someone who's heart will beat with the same rythm..sia thank you
Ray & Cie-ann 02/29/12,15:48

Cie-ann told me to listen to this because it reminds her of me, I Ray find it a awesome song, because is telling my inside how much I care and don't want to lose Cie-ann from this world. Love from Ray
ashish trivedi 11/19/11,00:17

everytime i listen to this song,i love my beloved more..don't know how but it makes me die for her..i love movie can't ever match up this high..i guess i can't c this type of movie ever..
Maggie the Twilight Addict 05/03/11,13:20

Does anybody know what this song is about, besides the obvious? Like, is there a story behind it or something? I am a hard-core Twihard, and this song is one of my faves on the Eclipse soundtrack!!!!!
Ms.Cullen 11/08/10,17:52

This song is amazingly beautiful everytime I listen to it I want to cry and fall in love with my bf more and more like I just want to dedicated this song to him so he knows how I really feel about him
Kelli 08/25/10,16:48

My favorite song on the eclipse soundtrack and its played during my absolute favorite part in the movie!!!!! I seriously have never seen anything more romantic!!! it was exactly what i wanted!!! :))))
Emii 08/23/10,22:50

This song is SO beautiful! X3 I heard it without watching Eclipse.. I just love Sia. XD This song always makes my eyes get hot. Only true artists can make you feel real emotion. Sia is one of them. :)
MrsCullen 07/06/10,16:37

I absolutely adore this song. It went beautifully with the scene in Eclipse. I got chills when I first heard it and again when I saw the movie. The lyrics are deep; the melody is haunting. I love it!!
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