Untouchable Lyrics

From underdog to untouchable
To errybody in the world wanna fuck with ya
Jesus calling, other line Allah
Tell ‘em they ain’t spreading their message through
Inhale good shit, exhale bullshit
Ride on these dumb fuck boys tryna pull shit
Fuck fame, I’m reppin’ where I came from
Shah gonna show them how he got dis name
My planet, I planned it
Fuck a moon walk, this a moon landing
Small step for Shah, giant leap for y’all
Never looked down, crown never fall
Shine time, stars at night
Baddest motherfucker in the history of life
Say your prayers, memorize the scripture
Hell or high water, I’m gonna get ya


Seen it all here felt the pain and hurt
Cloud disappears once the rain does its work
I dun went from holes in the roof to the spot light
From the train to a hoopty now on flight
Seeing CN whenever I fly home
Brain on the plane, Skydome
30,000 feet, getting high in the clouds
Pilot bumping my shit loud
At the knife fight parading tanks
Ruthless, Fenway after the trade with the Yanks
Praise and thanks, if you’re playing this cranked
Ima hear me on the streets, all the way to the bank
Want them to love me like 2pac and Malcolm X
I'm going to go young like Pac and X
So when I die, don’t cry, just a moment of loud
So big the sky’ll shatter from the sound


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