Selena Gomez - Crazy Funky Junky Hat
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Crazy Funky Junky Hat Lyrics

What's That?
A Hat!
A Crazy Funky Junky Hat!

Hair's Unsightly!
Trying to Look Like Keira Knightly
We've Been There!
We've Done That!
We See Right Through Your Funky Hat!

these lyrics are submitted by MARIAH [HJBF]
these lyrics are last corrected by Kiana

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scarlett 06/06/12,10:43

ppl who say selena and this song are stupid shut up you guys wldnt no how amazing sel is if it hit you in the face and for boys you woldnt no it if it kicked you in the balls while wearing heels so ha
ahjada 07/16/11,21:23

selena omez rocks ok.she will always rock the house.stop hatin those off you who are.your just mad your not famus . what if she reads this and she talks bad about you on tv and everybody sees huh.haha
Dumb@** 10/31/10,15:23

Hey I luuv this song me and my bff sing it everytime we see any hat!!!!! Thanks Selena you inspired us!!! Btw I luuv SPARKLES!!!! Do you like Swiss cheese??? I'm gonna be a mummy for Halloween!!!!!!!!
krissiroxs 05/30/10,11:46

you totally got it wrong its:whats that?a hat? crazy funky junky hat! overslept?hair unsightly? try to look like kierra knightly?! we've been there.we've done that. we see right through your funky hat
bunnycute76 02/17/10,22:46

Whats that a hat, crazy funky junky hat, over slept hair unsightly, tryin to look like Kyra Knightly we've been there, we've done that, we see right through your funky hat. -these are the right words!
Katrina 02/06/10,14:53

These words are wrong its really, What's that a hat, crazy funky junky hat. Overslept hair unslightly. Yeah tryin' get it cute not ugly. We been there we seen that we see right through your funky hat.
selenas friend demi 10/26/09,20:23

Listen jonas brothers how could you hate me i mean i love selena gomez she is like my best friend so how could you say that you hate me oh and listen up selena i'm not your friend anymore BTW jerk!!!!
so what 08/03/09,10:55

hey najia u r so wrong miley is so much better than selena she will never catch up with miley or hannah and they r so so so much pretter than selena. and soooooooonotmylyrics is so right they prob.did
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