Savage Garden - Forever
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Forever Lyrics

Hey there stranger, do you remember?
You were a part of my life.
Early December, think I remember,
Sentiment cuts like a knife.
The seasons are changing, lives rearranging.
Full of could have done’s, would have been’s, all your fault and where you been.
And how time goes, and I don’t even know how the filled in spaces and the love you raised in my life.

Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you get there easily?
Did it make you sacrifice?
Did you make a sharp left when you should have turned right?
Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you sell of all of your gold?
Did you trade it in?
Did you wait for love or settle for somebody to hold?

Barely symphonic, but strangely ironic moments contained in ones plans.
Oh how I adored you but now im ignored by you, no evidence of romance.
And how its vaguely familiar,
I think I remember sharing every single inner mercy,
It doesn’t seem so strange to me that we,
Barely entertain even the politest of phrases,
But sometimes at night, I caught you up in my mind,


While I was busy perfecting the art deflecting complements.
I took it too far.
Let a river run right through my heart.
A battle stations were building,
You and I just grew apart, we grew apart.

While I decided to make everyone else happy,
I just put aside my foolish Pride
I guess I denied my own desire,
I was too busy pleasing to ever be pleased,
I forgot how to breathe, or question anything or ask why,

Am I, am I where I wanted to be?
Did I get here easily?
Did I make a sacrifice?
Did I take a sharp left when I should have turned right?
Am I where I wanted to be?
Can I sell up all of my gold?
Can I trade it in?
Will I wait for love or settle for somebody to hold?

I’d settle for somebody to hold me now.
You know I been up and down.
Been picked up and spun around,
I would do it all again,

If I could just have somebody to hold now,
Just need somebody to hold now,
Somebody hold me now,
Just want somebody to hold me now,
I do it all again.

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Songwriter(s): Lorne Alistair Tennant, Steven Mccutcheon, Marcus Junior Johnson, Wayne Anthony Hector
Copyright: Skratch Music Publishing, Lots Of Hits Music Ltd., Imagem Songs Ltd.
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