Fuck France Lyrics

French fries
And goat cheese, on the side
Let's go, wooo!

I don't like France,
Very much
All of the people there are sluts,
(They like ze butt, sex)

Those girls are so stupid,
Can't shave their armpits
Here is a razor, take it home

Don't talk French,
This is not Canada
(They hold the record for a-losing at a every war)

We should
Give those poor guys,
A couple McDonalds
(Becuase they have ze better French Fries, french fries)

Fuck France!
They are so gay,
They eat they poop
Fuck France!
They all have crooked teeth
Fuck France!
They are so gay,
They are so gay,
Fuck France!
France, France, France,

It's good no?

They smell like crap,
With their cologne
The Eiffel Tower is a chode
They gave away the Statue of Liberty,
But they left off the Double D's
So she ain't got her no titties

Why don't ya'll eat American cheese?
(They are sophisticated so they only eat debris)
We should teach ya'll
To make some french toast

Menaj a Twa,
In France means two guys,

Fuck France!
Zey are so gay,
Zey eat za poop
Fuck France!
They all have poopy disease
Fuck France!
Zey are so gay,
Zey are some assholes
Fuck France!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, France!

Bonjour, J'mapelle
Rucka, Rucka!
Some people call me,
Zey party poopa'
I have a funny mustache,
I can only speak in Francois

Ple Pl'ou Je D Ple D ' Plo
Comme vous appelez vous

Who is playing a game? You?
You like to do cocaine too?

Zey say the french are the best lovers
My country loves to bend over
I get six month vacation,
And sit down while urination

We have eight kinds of cheese,
We give human right to trees
We all have small wee wee
But we like to eat kiwi

Everybody do disco dancing
Let's do it

Fuck France!
Zey have some gays
Fuck France!
Fuck France!
Zey are so gay
Fuck France!
France, France, france,
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
Fuck France

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