Rick Ross - All The Money In The World


All The Money In The World Lyrics

You know gettin money
Becoming a young millionaire
You can lose sight of the things thats important to you

I never trade my ol girl for all the money in the world
Never trade my daughter toy for all the money in the world
Never trade my only boy for all the money in the world
I put my last name first...

I can hear my daddy sayin lil nigga go get em
Passed in '99 cancer all in his liver
Shit difference since we last spoke ya son a lil richer
I'll never rap again if i could tell him that i miss him
Why the fuck I own the world when i can't share with em
Bust his ass his whole life jus wanna break bread wit him
Cryin in my mansion while I'm holdin on his picture
It's a cold and lonely world flyin solo on you niggas
Bein the only boy definition of a man
All the money in the world still not a big enough advance x2
For me to turn my back on me being the man that I am

Turn off the lights
(Turn off the lights)
Take a ride wit me
(Take a ride wit meeee)
I wanna see you smile
(I wanna see you smiiile)
It's a fantasy
(It's a fantasyyyy)
La la la la la
(La la la la laaaaa) x4

Mama gettin older feelin pains in her shoulder
I gotta stay focused and remain a lil soldier
Grace a few wishes and the streets begin to whisper
Prayin for you niggas still stockin up my pistols
Lil nigga get murdered and buried in all white
8th grade student yall figure thats all right
Time to figure out where im goin wit my life
As im steppin on the brake and hang in the sharp right
Get my thing in the streets
Seen in the streets
See me at the park at the swing wit my niece
Watch chipped up
Still won't switch up first time singing so u gotta turn that bitch up


Oh man
When i close my eyes
I can see you about a million times
(It's true)
Over and over
(Over and Over)
But then again
It kinda makes me laugh
Cause you're the one that put me on this path
(I guess i gotta keep)
Rollin strong
I feel I can't go wrong
Cause I can feel you walkin wit me
I can feel you talking to me
I know you hear them saying
La la la la la la la
La la la la la x4
Now come and take a ride with me
(Wit me)
I really wanna take a walk wit you
Be cool and have a drink wit you think wit you
Now come and take a ride wit me
(wit me wit me)
There's so much to say
Old memories won't go away go away
Old memories won't go away
I remember them like it was yesterday
That time never felt so good
Can't forget about you man I never would

(Repeat x2)

You see I never ever would (You see I never would)
Jus can't forget about you no, no no (You know I never would)
Never ever would
And i never ever could
And don't think that i can't
I kno u understand

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Songwriter(s): William Roberts
Copyright: Sony/ATV Songs LLC, 4 Blunts Lit At Once
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