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Shame On Me Lyrics

It's a shame, you know it's a shame
Here I am looking down
Stuck inside a frozen frown when I could have been a clown
It's a shame, you know it's a shame
I'm all alone in a lonely crowd
Me and my dick just hanging out when I could have been a clown
It's a shame

So now you know my little secret
I think I could have done it, I really think I could've but I wouldn't have been one of those happy clowns, I hate happy clowns, I'd be a sad clown, a droopy clown, a clown with class
Okay, I know, I blew it, I'll never make it as a clown but hey, I can still give you a little treat, I'm gonna tell you my clown name
Okay are you ready?
Taa taa, presenting the great Tweedles
Huh, cool, huh?
You see when I was a kid my brother and me we called them our tweedles, our dicks that is, we called them our tweedles
So, the great Tweedles and
Okay, now here's a little sample of Tweedles's act
Alright, so, all eyes are on the center ring, he stands alone in a spotlight and he sings

Funnier than legless lepers singing "Born to Lose"
Funnier than Jesus crucified in high heel shoes
Funnier than Adolph Hitler butt fucked by baboons
Funnier than obese babies popping like balloons
Funnier than masturbating midget residue
Funnier than the pope's penis being barbequed is the goofy sense of humor that you never lose
Even though your drunken daddy loved you like a bruise on your big toe and on your ear lobe...
Is ear lobe funny?
Your spleen and your gizzard and your butt, lots of bruises on your butt and bruises on your nose and your forehead and your knee and your pinkie finger

He said he wished his kisses could erase the traces of childhood
Elevating his manhood hour after hour
But he realized too late that the finger of his fate led him to a life that wasted hour after hour
Life is just an open door
And nothing seems to matter more than someone worth waiting for hour after hour

Casanova's frowning when no one is around him
The clown in Casanova is crying

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