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Brown Cow Lyrics

When you've had as many lovers as I have a certain blurring becomes inevitable
This one merges into that, a she becomes a he, and the he blends into the blobby mass of everybody, but some do stand out eventually becoming the white thumb in the black palm, the albino in the beam of a flashlight, Marie was like that, I guess it was her innocence that set her apart
I don't normally hold innocence in such high esteem, everyone has it and everyone loses it and sometimes it's my job to hasten that loss
As one might expect, coming to grips with the real me as opposed to the dream me is an inevitable step in most of my encounters
There's always a slight period of disillusionment, but they eventually get over it or not, whatever, but Marie, we were standing in the kitchen and it was almost like she melted, one moment she was staring at me with a look of confusion and in an instant she was lying at my feet on the floor
As you can imagine, the drama thing really doesn't work on me, but this was different, I stood there looking at her, until hesitantly reaching out
I watched her eyes as they followed the length of my arm and moved over towards towards the stove
She had the oddest expression and then, staring at the oven door, she began to talk about the cow, the old brown cow and the day the cow died and then she began to blubber like a baby, like that goddam cow was her pet bunny and fucking Charles Manson had just bit its head off, it really freaked me out, I think about her all the time

We put the old brown cow to sleep, whacked her on the head
Then went to a picture show and left her in the shed
The movie was a comedy but I didn't laugh so we bought a butcher knife and a toy giraffe

He said that he loved me and he told me that he cared
He said that he loved the way I walked and I was weird
Now he hovers over me and motions in the air
He's pointing at the oven and I'm getting really scared

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