Regardless Devon Victory - Move In


Move In Lyrics

Bitch - get down on your fucking Knees hoe.

Get Up from The act of production - in the hut
but then changed mutt - you just a slut - then when in the
amateur danger - of the flee - and then post - in the outcome
- and then ran from that fight - then in the mild
of the possible - and then weight on the holder
when you get older - shit get's colder - then you just
justice - in the world wind - and thatā??s part one - in the
dark sun - you just real - covered game - that's regardless
Devon victory been paid - way time of the streets
you on repeat -on the game - of the

Bitch - get down on your fucking Knees hoe.

For The follow up- - you just tonsil - lick my nut's
no way for the real beef - because all my haters slowing up
this real shit - gangsta now thanking just branging
you just filtered - so I fucked your place up - hoes in this
muthafucka- girl's trying to be hoes in this muthafucka
trying to find a way - to get it - bitch -I'm gone blast your
fucking ass for the next one - in the syndrome - of the
finger hut - but you ain't counting home business's
I'll bust your fucking ass off

Bitch - get down on your fucking Knees hoe.

Bust Nuts on child's - Iā??m to wild - "note'ing"
in the overcome - in the field - of the raft - of the nude
in the palisades - of the echoing aint it - but for the
picture - you wont be on this shit - Then in halls
in the place where you can lick my balls
in the muthafucking just selling drugs
Fuck A drug Dealer - I bust in the range - on the new page
in the hospital - cause you fucking them kids

Bitch - get down on your fucking Knees hoe.

You Just bastard - then in challis - how be acting
you just mastered - now that the rode won't hold em
in the forfeit - in the chamber - wait
hoe ass niggas screaming danger- then in the positive
for the places that I used to live - Now you can rejuvenate

In the actions that he let - that pussy be that good
And it watched him - and it chases him - he so nasty
the pussy got him.

Bitch - get down on your fucking Knees hoe.

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