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Stay Lyrics

Staaayyyyy staaaayyyy stay can u staaaay staaaay stay wit me my girl yeaaaa

baby can u stay just a little bit longer (longer)
come a little closer lay yo head on my shoulder
the night iz gettin older tempeture gettn colder i jus wanna hold ya so baby wont u stay wit me tonite i wanna put this lovin ooooonnnnnn ya oooohh yea

(verse 1)
now close ya eyez and stay a little longer girl,
i protect from the world
dez feelings i got for u growin o so stronger girl
i kno we had sum problems in our past relationships,
shared so many tears i wasnt there but baby im right here
so put ya phone on mute im here
to sooth u through all the pains thats stressin u
so relax lay back and get comfortable, even though u my ex girl to me u still my next girl
infactuated with things u do u sweet plus u my best girl, im on my knees beggin u please
baby stay dont go away but its gettin late and i can see da expressions on ya face,
im ready to settle down and share a couple of kids wit ya
travel overseas wit ya fulfill my every dreamz wit ya


(yeaaaa staaaayyyyy stay wit me my girl
staaaayyyyy ooohh yea
st aaaaaaaa ye ye y
can u stay a lil longer
put ya head on my shoulder
can u stay a lil longer

put yo head on my shoulder
baby stay a little longer
put ya head on my shoulder
baby stay a little longer
staaayyyyy oooh yea
come on over here baby
hold on hold on)

i know i've been real busy
not paying u any attention but
tonite is ur nite
u know i really love you
i even got ur name tatooed backwords on my chest
so i only my heart can really read it
i love u baby

staaay stay wit me my girl staaayyy
wont u stay wit me tonite i wanna put this lovin oooonnnn ya babe

(verse 2)
yeahh baby love is presure but ima still address ya, make da nite real special
wine n dine just to imprese ya kiss ya while u on top of the dresser we aint gotta get
straight down to bussiness although ya lovin is
i knew that u could never picture this, me as a respectable gentlemen
stay wit me.?...'cause i want u here wit me kisssin and cuddling baby romance me
show me how its suppose to be, baby blu still a g' girl its plain to see girl we was meant
to be makin history carvin our names in trees mixing birds and bees
will u stay wit me

Songwriter(s): Diamond Smith, Marcus Cooper, Spectacular Smith, Corey Mathis
Copyright: Bleu Carrot Diamond Publishing, Black Fountain Music, Marco Bleu Publishing, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Silverplatinumy2k, The Nickel Publishing
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