Plies - We Are Trayvon (trayvon Martin Tribute)


We Are Trayvon (trayvon Martin Tribute) Lyrics

Aye Trayvon (Aye Trayvon)
I know you up in heaven right now
walkin on gold lil bruh (know you walkin on gold lil bruh)
I know you so proud man how strong ya family is homie
Just wanna tell you something lil bruh


You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, You'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, You'll forever live on


I never thought that wearin no hoodie, could cost yo life
and I never thought you could kill somebody, and get out the same night
every dog you see that bark, don't mean that he bite
And everything that's black aint even
And everything that's pure aint white.
Cuz you think that i'm doin wrong don't mean that you right
Cuz the ones that you think that wont, them the ones that might
Certain people in this world the system don't like
Where you live and what you work is how they value your life
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
And even when I pray, I pray for my enemies
And Pac said it best "Only God can judge me"
Trayvon I want you to know lil homie you really touched me



Sometimes tryna live right, sometimes seems so wrong
Sometimes we tryna get justice, Sometimes it takes so long
But the ones they supposed to keep in, they the ones they let go home
But the ones that hustle and survive, they the ones held with no bond
My sons supposed to bury me, but I aint supposed to bury my sons
You can call me nigga all you want, but you aint supposed to treat me like one
Supposed to be able to express myself
and be able to dress how I want
Supposed to be able to go where I please, and be able to leave when im done
Should I think that you sell dope? just cause you drive a benz
Should I think that Zack in a gang? Just cause he sag his pants
Whats right is right, whats wrong is wrong
Trayvon Martin... You'll forever live on!


(Plies Talking)

Oh Trayvon I heard you was a lil beast on that football field too!
(I heard you was a beast wit it now)
But now you get to play on the gold football field homie (all gold)
With a solid gold football (solid gold)
With wings on ya back (yeahh)
I know they cant see ya now lil homie (I know they can't)
But I just wanna let you know (let ya know)
You'll forever live on homie


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