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Want It Need It Lyrics

I never knew you felt like that baby
I never knew you felt like that
The pleasure's all mine

[Chorus: Ashanti]
Oh boy I think of you, on two occasions
That's when I want it (that's when I want it)
That's when I need it (that's when I need it)
You know I think of you, on two occasions
That's when I want it (that's when I want it)
That's when I need it (that's when I need it)
Hey, heyyyy

I think it's so cute, how you use me
Whenever you want sex, I'm who you come see
I'm the one you call when yo' body on E
You need a refill, I who you come see
They give you 87, I give you 93
Premium top of the line, straight deep
Say it again in my ear (Plies you a beast)
How can one this gutter be so sweet?
Whatever you want, baby it's my treat
All I want from you is to let me go deep
I'm on call for you seven days a week
Sex on delivery, S.O.D.


When she think about me, she get so wet
Everytime she want she send me a text
Do I want it tonight? Baby, yes~!
Between her legs, she is so blessed
She's the best thing in the bed that I've met
You need a good juke, be my guest
Cause whatever you want I'm at your request
Until I get to you baby I can't rest
All I can thank about is feelin your sweat
Playin in your hair, and feelin your flesh
Watchin you, as you undress
I'm yo' goon, you my goonette


I'm sleepin, I feel yo' hand inside my boxers
Baby it's five in the mornin you rubbin on Oscar~!
Know if you wake him up it's gon' be problems
I know you playin with what'cha ya want so I won't stop ya
Just let me open up my eyes so I can watch it
You want a dose of yo' medicine you wanna see the doctor
Go on take 'em off, so I can gon' lock ya
I call you momma, you call me poppa
I wanna make you tonight my baby momma
A scent like water, mean no aroma
Come a little closer so I can put it on ya
You my property, I'm yo' owner


[Outro: Ashanti]
Baby, oh yeahhhh
Hoh hohhhh
Yeahhh hahh yeahhhh

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Songwriter(s): Shonie Osumanu, Algernod Lanier Washington, Kenneth Edmonds, Sidney Johnson, Sample, Jonathan Rotem, Darnell Bristol
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., MR.JOHNSON'S Jams Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, First And Gold Publishing (BMI)/Warner-tamerl, Ecaf Music, Jonathan Rotem Music, Hip Chic
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laters haters 11/09/09,10:12

Hey i totally have to comment on this song. it is a really good song Ashanti and Plies both killed the song. it has a nice and steady backgroung beat that will knock yaws sock off
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