Phantom Of The Opera - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again


Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Lyrics

You were once
my one companion . . .
you were all
that mattered . . .
You were once
a friend and father -
then my world
was shattered . . .

Wishing you were
somehow here again . . .
wishing you were
somehow near . . .
Sometimes it seemed
if I just dreamed,
somehow you would
be here . . .

Wishing I could
hear your voice again . . .
knowing that I
never would . . .
Dreaming of you
won't help me to do
all that you dreamed
I could . . .

Passing bells
and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental,
seem, for you,
the wrong companions -
you were warm and gentle . . .

Too many years
fighting back tears . . .
Why can't the past
just die . . .?

Wishing you were
somehow here again . . .
knowing we must
say goodbye . . .
Try to forgive . . .
teach me to live . . .
give me the strength
to try . . .

No more memories,
no more silent tears . . .
No more gazing across
the wasted years . . .
Help me say

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Songwriter(s): Richard Henry Zachary S. Stilgoe, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles A. Hart
Copyright: The Really Useful Group Ltd.
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Meaning to "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (3 meanings)
Jeniffer 10/12/12,17:57

I loveeeee this song. It is absolutely amazing, so influential, beautiful...basically everything good and nice world in the world should be used to explain this song. I could listen to it for hours on end, i never want to stop listening to it. For the past 5 yrs. i've been fallling asleep to it. LUV
love 12/20/12,12:52

I used to hate this song until I realized it reminds me of my aunt who was very close to me but died. She was my second mother.
hailey 10/03/12,18:02

there's really nothing to say its so amazing i cant describe it just the feeling of how she sings it is perfect its just so sad as well and today is the day my grandma died she died last year though and i just dont think i can go on without her
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