When A Man Loves A Woman Lyrics

When a man loves a woman, he can't keep his mind on nothing else
He'll trade the world for the good thing he's found
If she is bad, he can't see it, she can do no wrong
Turn his back on his best friend if he put her down

When a man loves a woman, spend his very last dime
Tryin' to hold on to what he needs
He'd give up all his comforts, sleep out in the rain
If she said that's the way it ought to be

Well, this man loves a woman
I gave you everything I had
Tryin' to hold on to your precious love

Baby, please don't treat me bad

When a man loves a woman, down deep in his soul
She can bring him such misery
If she played him for a fool, he's the last one to know
Lovin' eyes can't ever see

When a man loves a woman, he can do her no wrong
He can never own some other girl
Yes, when a man loves a woman I know exactly how he feels
'Cause baby, baby, baby, you're my world

When a man loves a woman I know exactly how he feels

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Songwriter(s): Johnny Mercer, Bernard D. Hanighen, Calvin Houston Lewis, Gordon Jenkins, Andrew James Wright
Copyright: Quinvy Music Publishing Co., Mijac Music, Chappell & Co. Inc., Pronto Music, The Johnny Mercer Foundation
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Meaning to "When A Man Loves A Woman" (4 meanings)
Sunshine 07/28/12,00:41

My Boyfriend set it as his personal caller ringtone in my phone,told me he wantd me to hear it evrytime he calls me...he's so sweet,I think it's the best lovesong,of all time
kazzie 03/20/12,10:29

i love this song i think it is saying that when a man loves a woman that a man will do any thing so he can get back his woman and will never do wrong.
Nthabiseng 09/21/11,16:44

I lyk this song very much,is true when man loves a woman he wil c al wronges s is rights! Kip up my brother!
Janu Juarez 01/02/10,15:10

This a real oldie but goody! A great song with great emotion and depth expressing intense love. Simple and beautiful! Wonderfully simple music.
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