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Our Father Lyrics

(Crypt The Warchild)

Yeah. Okay, listen. Yeah

(Crypt the Warchild)

I never claim to be a saint, nah that ain't me
I'm only sayin' what I ain't, you should let me be
Imma always throw stones if my house is made glass
Watch this jealous one envy, everybody feel my wrath
I've done a lot of wrong in this time and place
I take many days for granted, I despise, I hate
Imma liar I steal if it presents itself
I stab a nigga in the back if it affects my wealth
I cut a throat, burn a bridge if it makes me grow
Spit in the face of many people I thought you should know
But I doubt you understand cause you claim you perfect
I've committed many sins in this place that's worthless
Can't reconcile what I started or express my sorrow
Don't give a fuck bout today if there's no tomorrow
And I don't believe that when you die your soul lives is on
When you six feet in the hole, that means you dead and gone
But there's a little part inside me believes you there
The same part inside me that believes you care
Out of my mind that's what they say, man I got the beat
If there's a place in God's kingdom, save a spot for me
Our Father



My grandmother just died
I watched mom cry, hysterical
unbearable pain, tried to help, I felt terrible
tears dressed the heart, when that casket arose
why rose was handed out as we prayed for her soul
Grandpops said she a champion, hand her the trophy
That was the realest shit I heard in my life
My brothers hold me, I'm fallin
God I hope you're watchin, I hope you're listenin
Lost a life standin so close can get sickin
Which is even worse to me, is she ain't ever met my kids
And that's something I'm always gonna regret as long as I live
But the kids from my mother and my wife back home
Will always mend my scars anytime I'm feelin' alone
A hug from my sons always make me complete
The love I get from my niggas when we down in the heat
I hope life is everlasting when you under the dirt
Cause she wanted to see her son and twins that died at birth
Our Father


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