Genevieve Lyrics

Genevieve lies in bed at night and can't sleep,
Her tummy hurts cuz she hasn't had enough to eat.
Stomach cramps leave her writhing in pain,
Clutching at her abdomen. it's happening again...
"Why, Oh why did I get this way?
I only wanted to lose a little bit of weight...
I wish I could be happy, but it's too late",
She thinks as she picks at the food on her plate.
She tries to take a bite but it's not happening.
Convinced that her piece of toast is too fattening...
Everytime that she tries to eat,
All she sees are the faces of high school bullies.
Every guy who told her she was too fat...
Every boyfriend who only gave a stuff about,
Sex and blow jobs that made her cry.
I hold her close as she tells me...
And I sigh.

She used to look in the mirror and cry,
Looking back at her was a girl twice her size...
Distorted, self-perceptive view through her eyes,
Enhanced furthermore by the media lies.
Reality's perception, Perception pre-defined.
Weight loss encouraged and even glorified.
MTV is brainwashing our children,
Visually and socialogically,
With a fake size zero philosophy.
An ideology that you've gotta be thin,
To appear in any program on that station,
And that's the reason she don't watch TV,
Cuz she's scared of the person who she might be.
Afraid to admit that she's dealing with...
Anorexia nervosa. And she denies it...
She says she doesn't have a problem. But she's lying.

In this segregated room of bleached out white,
The black ink of my pen bleeds when I write.
The frail, decrepit, ghost looking back at me,
Is but a shadow of the girl who used to leave a trail of colour,
Through this monochrome world.
I'm praying for the day that her smile returns.
I tell her not to lose hope,
I'm writing a song,
that's gonna travel 'round the world,
Giving light to the dark.
Musical Anna Karenin - with a happy ending.
I'm no Tolstoy but this story needs to be told,
Of sweet Genevieve,
Broken but bold!
Who's tiny food problem got out of control,
Who since last week doesn't eat no more!
Doctors putting tubes in her stomach makes her vomit...
All she needs to save her right now is a prayer,
But we're all too busy to remember her.

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