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Lover Boy Lyrics

Beauty: I could wait forever but forever way to long to be waiting on ya' You don't seem to get it do ya' ya betta wake up im doing us a favor Come on boy stop playing w/ my heart
Bridge: We can be more than temporary love you everday like feburary tryna make us so official like

chorus:Your nothing like them other boys lover boy, & thats why i love ya boy'(x2)
Star: Yo swag is on a million, your the only one i think about when i be on tour OMG! what you do to me, your the only one i think about and i can barely sleep
Ohhhhhhhhhhh........................Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby!
Bridge: We can be more than temporary love you everyday like feburary
tryna make us so official like

Chorus: Your nothing like dem other boys lover boy, & thats why I Love ya boy(x2)

these lyrics are submitted by Nikeshia McDaniels : @AyeNiNi
these lyrics are last corrected by Destiny

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Meaning to "Lover Boy" (5 meanings)
#SoOfficialWithMyLoverboy 11/17/12,22:36

i think the meaning of this song is basically they saying they boy's is one of a kind. Like you could find no one else like their loverboy. Me and my boy all the way. Btw i love this song and the omg girlz. But, they need babydoll. WHERE THE HECK IS BABYDOLL!!!!! LOL I still love this song though.
mizz.robersonā€¹3 12/16/12,21:33

i luv dis song its perfect for my boo and i think i should sing dis in front of my school but im not sure yet cause ima little nervus because thier are alot of 6th graders at my school! so hopefully oma do it but if not o well, npt a big deal.
Lala 12/24/12,16:22

It helps me deal with teenaqe boii problems that i think almost every qirl goes through For an example You've been talking wit this boy he really likes u and u really like him and your sure of that but waiting for the question WILL YOU GO WITH ME those four words but never shows up and your irritated by it it makes u forget him and not wanna be around him makin u think hes a not a worth of time
kekerealstuff 10/26/12,14:50

i finally listened to the whole song and got the meaning about it.i really liked Beauty's part.kinda liked Star's.although i do believe that Babydoll should've gotten a part in it.that would've made me like the song a little bit more better.
Asja 10/21/12,10:30

I think the meaning of the song is that beautys part is that the boy she likes is taking to long to love her back and the he finnaly loves her and stars part is the her man is all she ever think about and when she is on tour and she cant even sleep
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