You've Got No Right On The Mountain Lyrics

I don't need to love again
I won't sigh and mope again
I don't need to love again
I just don't think it's worth it
I don't really love her
I don't think I want her
Ain't gonna take to love again
It's the way your love hurts
It's the way your mad again
I don't think I'll love again
I won't ever promise her
I don't think I want her

This time no one else
I don't bear to follow you
I don't ever promise you
Sometimes I don't love you
Think I'm tired of loving her
I don't really want love

Hey, hey, hey, hey
You know you're right

You told me to follow him
Teach him that I loved him
I won't ever promise you
I won't even bother to
You gave me my first kiss
I don't think I want it now
I don't ever want again
It's all that I had to have
It's all that I wanted
It's all that I had to
I don't think I'll miss her
I don't think I want her

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Woolydactyl 11/02/11,12:08

Actually 'on the mountain' is a misinterpreted trader title based on the opening intro in which chist says 'this next song is called all apologies' to which Kurt apparently changed his mind about
Kurdt Kobain 06/24/10,20:13

This site blows, these lyrics are wrong and The correct alternate title for this is On a Mountain, Turner Hall Ballroom, November or Dec 93 one of the last live shows they did. could have been jan 94
BLAKE0164 01/01/10,09:17

this version of this song is good i like how it sounds from the studio version of you know your right is one of my favourtie songs from nirvana and this versionis the best i've seen so far they rock
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