Floyd The Barber Lyrics

Bell on door clanks come on in
Floyd observes my hairy chin
Sit down chair don't be afraid
Steamed hot towel on my face

I was shaved
I was shaved
I was shaved

Barney ties me to the chair
I can't see I'm really scared
Floyd breathes hard I hear a zip
Pee-pee pressed against my lips

I was shamed
I was shamed
I was shamed

I sense others in the room
Opey, Aunt Bea, I presume
They take turns and cut me up
I die smothered in Andy's butt

I was shaved
I was shaved
I was shaved


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Meaning to "Floyd The Barber" song text (3 meanings)
papi 08/17/14,10:44

I feel that many of these seemingly nonsensical songs are metaphors of Kurt's desire to end his life. he wants to yet there are these small things or people there, preventing him from doing it.
DRV 11/26/11,15:40

Kurt said it on film. A vision of a demented Andy Griffin Show from watching the show and wondering the true story since the shows fabricated happy time. Barney, Opey, Aunt Bea, Andy. Characters.
Anon 10/01/10,18:10

Also, some of Nirvana's songs actually tell a story, whether it's something Kurt thought up or not. You just have to twist your own mind to attempt to understand 98% of it. Think outside the box :)
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