I Get Crazy Lyrics (feat. Lil Wayne)

I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy
I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy

You know
it's like when I feel really crazy
I just get my broom and fly away
I go real real far away
young money
that's.. that's.. that's just what we do
You know, I mean we we wear straight jackets
and we we.. we.. we stay in you know padded rooms
and you know..and fly away

[Verse 1 Nicki Minaj]
I just came out of the motherfuckin old school
Got my mac notebook with the pro tools
Ya'll bitches ain't ready for Nicki Lewinsky
Bad WOOF WOOF flyer than a frisby
So I'm up in Mandalay eating mangos
Keep a couple pink toes in my sandals
Got some bangles all over my ankles
Such a star they say wen I star spangle
But for buh; buh; buh; buh -
I I I I am the the the rap henna
Ma mon montana so fix your antenna
I keep three hoes but don't call me Santa
And I am flyer den reindeers in da winter

I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy
I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy

[Verse 2 Nicki minaj:]
So I got a bad bitch mentality cause I just came frorm another galaxy
I be with the president up in the white house
If we in the oval office then his lights out.
Cause I am the wicked witch I'm the nickster
And I keep a bad bitch on my jickster
But I leave her in a second for a thick girl
Rockstar little mama with a guitar
I am nicki el-em-en-oh-winsky
I mean my name ring bells like tinky
I mean tinker
Tell that nigga link her
Cause I'm looking for some good brains from a thinker

I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy
I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy

[Verse 3 Lil Wayne:]
1 2 3rd floor
Hospital bound
Niggas is doors and I knock niggas down
Straight jacket crooked I hear you lookin
I promise I'm Hard and I swear you Pussy
I aint crazy no yes I am
Riqht Up in the coo coo nest I land
I'm fly now eat my bird shit
Yea I'm crazy crazy bout your bitch
Wild animal on my bewildered shit
I love brain so I'm looking for a nerd bitch
It's Nicki Minaj, da superb witch
And Weezy F. Baby, no Weezy F. (Crazy)

I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy
I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy I I gets crazy

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Songwriter(s): Dwayne Carter
Copyright: Notting Hill Music Inc., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Young Money Publishing Inc.
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LEPROSY 05/20/12,17:30

bre bre 01/19/12,10:06

nicki manji am also a rapper check me out i go to crossaint park elem u should check me out one day oh i love u so much
vageegee 07/26/11,21:38

oh em gee lyk wtf bro? dis sonq is s0 eFFiNq mad i culd lyk, die foe dis!! me & my grandma listen 2 dis while we pull out da bong. any1 else do dis? it so fun. OMG i had ANAL while dis sonq was playn!
tyana 10/26/10,20:01

i love your songz especially your part in monster i always go aroung. i loves you and singing that. i'm a big fan. i love all your songs. keep doin the good work. your like the barbie i always want be
Miss Priss 10/12/10,05:49

Nikki Minaj is definitely on it! All I wanna know is where to find whatever she is on! Real talk...I wanna be on that level for real!!!
Brianna 08/27/10,22:50

sieie-babah,, straiqht up G u r 4real.. dude shut up if u dnt lik her den dnt cment simple az dat.. mrz. straqht G watever datz wat dey call wana bez nd im qezzn ur 1 of dem srry bt im beinq staqht up
licia the real 06/28/10,17:31

trina and nicki is the same yal talkin bout it like they can hear yall.they dnt care bout us theycare bout gettin paid.and dats wat we need to do to and forget bout them just listen to the music dhatt
sabrina 04/29/10,20:29

yall all can suck it -- too bad nicki minaj don't even kno dat yall losers even exist qet a life, suck somethin
lil barbie 02/26/10,14:11

luv dis nicki killt dis ...lolz wen i heard dis i new nicki wrote dis 4 all da craziies im 1 of dem..lolz
nono 01/02/10,19:39

hi OMG i love you os much i am taking to all of you . you'll sing os go togroth .i wish that i could meet youll .
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