Dang A Lang Lyrics

Excuse Me Can I See Your Dang A Lang Brother
I Mean You Know Just Juggle Your Balls Like The Wrangling Brothers
I'm The Harajuku Barbie I Ain't Tripping On Your Change
I Mean Look I Got The Sports Package On My Range
I Just Dip In The Pink For The Pink Effect
D-D-D-Diamonds On My Neck For The Link Effect
And I Was Wondering If I Can Lip sync on that
You Know My Name Rings (ting)
Ring Tinkle Bells
Wa-Wa-Wa-Watch (that)
Chain (Check)
They Be On A Rain Check
I Be On The Move
They Be Reaching But They Can't Catch
I Be With The Baddest Bitch
On The Island Styling
Black Miley cyrus Saying Hi To Pirates
I Be Singing Them Ballads
When He Tossing My Salad
When I Pack My Palette All You See Is
Colorful Carrots
I Be Singing Them Ballads
When He Tossing My Salad
When I Pack My Palette All You See Is
Colorful Carrots

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Songwriter(s): Tony Scales, Justin Franks
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Artist Publishing Group West, Chef Huxtable Music Publishing, J Franks Publishing
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Meaning to "Dang A Lang" song text (7 meanings)
weeping buttocks 05/18/12,21:46

i tink nicky is we bes raper in history oever ands lyrics this song are soooo deep! make my heart cry so loud! i go all her songs good time! we is like sister
tamia washington 12/31/11,15:55

shut the f.u.c.k. the real barbbie matter of fact you not the real barbie she is b! is just a tramp. im sorry nicki i know i dont suppose to say that put nobodys perfect or all that.mistakes.
the real barbie 11/03/11,15:37

to be honest this song is horrible as crap num.1 you need to work on this num. too you cant sing or rap your ugly azz f@uk u need help in your music and you need stop screams and your not a barbie iam
Nicki Minaj 10/27/10,20:11

This song is great!!! I love you Nicki Minaj!!! You da best girl rapper out there and do not stop rapping girl!
m3mphizSHAWTY 08/10/10,18:23

i like dis song and i luv me nickie manaj so yall need tuh stop haten by the way dis ya gurl memphisSHAWTY o yeaaaah dis song sooo nasty!!!!
erica 05/23/10,17:05

uhmm great song but u forgot the part when she says something when she says somethin that Miely Cyrus says .
mz. thomas 05/19/10,15:26

i lyk dis sng da onlt thang abt it is dat it get stuck in my head n i end up singing it around my mama all da time
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