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Lost Visionz Lyrics

*Verse 1*
Here's an insight to a time
You gotta step back to before the spring box tours
Where social circumstance, conditioned minds
Had to adapt to survive, our people in the frontlines
Now Maori response a resistance
A form to challenge to system
Nga tamatoa had heads on the line
Maori language they potitioned

Suffered they did, ignorant of implications
Ostrasized, against what they knew was wrong
For what they knew was right
The blood shed flowing tears
Bearing scars from the years
Can even explain the entirety of what they did

Connections pierced of the past into the land
Wounded links between those gone
And who now stands

We do remember(Bastion Point)
We do remember(Parihaka)
We do remember(Waitangi)
We do remember

So comprehend, yes comprehend the 10 seconds before
Because the line is never straight
No, no, no it ain't ever straight
And it ain't ever what you saw

Wouldn't you call them soldiers
Wouldn't you bow your head
Wouldn't you raise your hands
Instead of closing your ears

Wouldn't you seek their knowledge yes
Wouldn't you wake the dead yes
Wouldn't you applaud the cause yes
Instead of fearing what is yes

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