Cities Of The World Lyrics

For how many years did ye not prosper and
bath in delight, ye four cities of unbound
Being at unbroken peace amongst yerselves,
ye all grew great and mighty.
Mighty in an era of no war nor stride..
How sour and unappealing
The roads between you, roads crossing the
world as you knew it, were peaceful
roads..How many a delightful journey
across those seemingly endless roads did
not yer pilgrims undertake?
To worship your now destroyed gods To
teach the four cities the wisdom and the
power of the gods you worshipped..

Ah! Those cool pools within your
cities..Allways filled with crystal clear
water, as if it was enchanted by some
wondrous spell..How many enlightening
baths did ye not enjoy ere the end, people
of the golden cities? How many times did
ye not leave yer heart's burdens in those
pools, people of the golden cities?
Did ye often enough behold the golden
spires of yer kings' palaces?
And did ye often enough wonder at the
cities walls and it's gargoyle's ruby
Did ye ever wonder at the pictures at the
cities walls..The old pictures engraved in
the very walls of marbled stone..Could it
be your gods and their myths you saw..

Ah! Ye children of the age of illusion..Ye
lived in such gladness..
Never sensing the aproaching shadow of the
future..Never sensed ye it's chilling

Ah! Always shoneth the light in yer eyes
as it shone forth from every jewel and gem
in your cities..The light of the four
cities of the world..

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