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Christian Sheeps Lyrics

Jehova children
Your fate is the faceless flock
Your master promises you nothing
Except the silly talk

Christian sheeps
Sheeps of Jesus
Weeps of bible
All I've heard
Weeps of Jesus

You're living in fear
Of a god non-exist
Conjured and sold
To you by your priest

You have no reason
Which is rare among the meek
Your world is a prison
Your faith is weak

The fate of slaves
Is butcher's knife
You're skinned and chopped
It's alogic end to your whole life

But don't worry
Your meat will end in trash
I don't eat deadmeat
It's jackal's stash

ãá᪨© ¯¥à¥¢®¤: •à¨á⨠­áª¨¥ Ž¢æë

„¥â¨ ˆ¥£®¢ë
‚ è  áã¤ì¡  - ¡¥§«¨ª®¥ áâ ¤®
‚ è 宧鶴 ­¥ ®¡¥é ¥â ¢ ¬ ­¨ç¥£®
Šà®¬¥ £«ã¯®© ¡®«â®¢­¨

•à¨á⨠­áª¨¥ ®¢æë
Ž¢æë •à¨áâ 
¨¡«¥©áª®¥ ­ëâì¥
‚ᥠçâ® ï á«ëèã -
ëâì¥ •à¨áâ 

‚ë ¦¨¢¥â¥, áâà è ïáì
®£ , çâ® ­¥ áãé¥áâ¢ã¥â
‚몮«¤®¢ ­­®£® ¨ ¯à®¤ ­­®£® ¢ ¬

“ ¢ á ­¥â à áá㤪 ,
Š®â®àë© à¥¤ª®áâì á।¨ ¡«¥îé¨å
‚ è ¬¨à - âîà쬠
‚ è  ¢¥à  á« ¡ 

‘ã¤ì¡  à ¡®¢ -
®¦ ¬ïá­¨ª 
‘ ¢ á ᮤࠫ¨ ª®¦ã ¨ ¯®à㡨«¨ ­  ªã᪨
â® «®£¨ç¥áª¨© ª®­¥æ ¢á¥© ¢ è¥© ¦¨§­¨

® ­¥ ¡®©â¥áì
‚ è¥ ¬ïᮠᣭ¨¥â ­  ¯®¬®©ª¥
Ÿ ­¥ ¥¬ ¯ ¤ «ì
â® - 㤥« è ª «®¢

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