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The Bone Dance Lyrics

Everybody knows the bones, just had to find a way
Everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout, that's how I'll get an A

My body's many parts, and this is where it starts
Phalangies I have ten, And metatarsals then
I got some tarsals too, I'll put 'em in my shoe
(She's tellin' the truth)
The fibula is next, according to my text
Then comes the tibia, that ain't no fibia
And now I'm up to my knee, yeah yeah yeah
That's the patella to me

Chorus: We're doing the bone dance,
you study the answers again and again til I get it right
We're doing the bone dance,
You dance and you learn it, and we won't mess up this test
We'll get it perfect.

And now I take it home, with the Parietal bone
It might be crazy, but we learn that way
Temporal and frontal too and now we're finally through
That makes two hundred and six, I've found a way that clicks
Bone bugs in da house
(Repeat Chorus)

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braelyn 10/16/09,12:03

i like this song but it is kind of weird to make a song like that and put it on a lyrics page but i kept forgetting the lyrics so i looked them up and studied them and i memerized them by heart. yeah!
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