I've Noticed Lyrics

I noticed you, standin' there beside the door
I noticed you, were lookin' for more of m-e
I stood watching you freak out
I noticed, i noticed,i noticed you
I noticed that you noticed m-e
And now, guess what
It's time for you to spill your guts
Tell me all about your self
Tell me what turns you on
Tell me your favorite song
Wo-oh wo-oh hey aha oh ya
(repeat music)
I noticed,
You noticed me
And this is what i-i can see
We noticed eachother
We picked eachother out from the crowd
Oh ya uh ha
Now tell me one more thing
Do you like me?

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Meaning to "I've Noticed" song text (3 meanings)
yo yo 11/24/09,01:05

Your so gay miley go put some clothes on and stop taking photos of yourself in a bikini you should be ashamed them photos leaked the internet
not saying 10/28/09,13:22

this isnt a miley song, if you dont believe me search it on the internet it wont come and same as i said for the others at the top they do not play the write song.
sam 09/12/09,18:05

when i saw no coments i thought ill writh a coment i dont no this song but its probly a good song because miley sang it
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