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Daddy Lyrics

A babies born in 1987,
Into a family of love and care,
His mummy treats him like a gift from heaven,
His daddy shows him how to style his hair,

A few years later it’s a cold December,
And daddy needs to buy some milk and juice,
And dad I want a twix please, if you remember,
The final words wasted if he only knew that,
Dad was running off with the cleaner,
She wasn’t even fit,
You should have seen her,
If she had big tits and no moushashe at worse,
Dad would never have run away cause I would have backed her first,
Dad was running off with a refugee,
Before his son had learnt his ABC’s
Before his son had even learnt how to climb a tree,
And incase you hadn’t noticed dad that baby was me!

And daddy I’ll never see you,
And you will never see me too,
And daddy you missed my birthday,
And I miss you every Father’s Day
Daddy I want to see you,
Daddy do you want to see me too
Daddy are you ok
So I guess this is happy Father’s Day!

I wonder if you even got my twix,
You probably gave it to your Spanish bitch and them kids,
Sorry if you think I’m being racist,
But I don’t want my twix in their spanish faces,
And Dad just wondering if you have ever had someone rip your heart out and Put it in a fire just to watch it melt
That’s how I feel,
I hope you come back,
So I don’t suffer from another snack attack,
Cause dad when it feel like your heart stops beating,
Some people turn to comfort eatting,
I can laugh now, now that I’m fine,
But I was cramming pork pies into my mouth 5 at a time,
Cheese strings, Chicken Wings, KFC and Burger King and onion rings,
I was eatting all them things,
I had to go onto Jerry Spinger,
Cause I was trying to eat my sausage finger,

And daddy I’ll never see you,
And daddy you’ll never see me too,
Daddy you missed my birthday,
And I miss you every Father’s Day,
Daddy I want to see you,
Daddy do you want to see me too
And daddy are you ok
So I guess this is Happy Father’s Day!

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Megan Bradford 02/17/11,04:16

My dad is with a spanish guy and he didn't send me a twix! I can relate to you Dru, he ran off with my friends dad and they are now gay lovers :'(
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