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Scared Of The Moon Lyrics

Alone she lays waiting
Surrounded by gloom
Invaded by shadows
Painting the
The light from the window
Cuts through the air
And pins the child lying there
Scared of the moon

She pulls up the covers
And shivers in fright
She hides from the color
That rides on the night
The light through the window
That lights up the sky
And causes her mournful cry
Scared of the moon

There's nothing wrong
Don't be bothered they said
It's just childish fantasies turning your head
No need to worry
It's really too soon
But there she lies shivering
Scared of the moon

Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon

The years go by swiftly
And soon childhood ends
But life is still fearful
When evening descends
The fear of a child
Still intrudes the night
Returning on beams of light
Scared of the moon

The feeling of terror
She felt as a youth
Has turned from a fantasy
Into the truth
The moon is the enemy
Twisting her soul
And taking its fearful toll
Scared of the moon

But now there are others who sit in a room
And wait for the sunlight to brighten their gloom
Together they gather
Their lunacy shade
But knowing just why they're scared
Scared of the moon

Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon
Scared of the moon

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Songwriter(s): Michael Jackson, Buz Kohan
Copyright: Mijac Music, Mystical Light Music
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Antiquity 05/24/10,00:22

This is like a lullaby or ghost story, depending on how you see it. I might sound crazy for saying this, but I will definitely sing this to my kids when they get scared of the dark; It's so beautiful.
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