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Privacy Lyrics

Ain't the pictures enough, why do you go through so much
to get the story you need, so you can bury me
you've got the people confused, you tell the stories you choose
you try to get me to lose the man i really am
You keep on stalking me, invading my privacy
won't you just let me be
cause you cameras can't control, the minds of those who know
that you'll even sell your soul just to get a story sold
i need my privacy, i need my privacy
so paparazzi, get away from me
Some of you still wonder why, one of my friends had to die
to get a message across, that yet you haven't heard
my friend was chased and confused, like many others i knew
but on that cold winter night, my pride was snatched away
Now she get no second chance, she just ridiculed and harassed
please tell my why
no there's a lesson to learn, respect's not given, it's earned
stop maliciously attacking my integrity
Now there's a lesson to learn, stories are twisted and turned
stop maliciously attacking my integrity
[chorus x 3]

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Songwriter(s): Michael Jackson, Fred Jerkins Iii, Jonnie Forster, Rodney Roy Jerkins, Bernard Belle, Rodney Jerkins, Lashawn Daniels
Copyright: Mijac Music, No. 4 Publishing, Sony/ATV Melody, Lashawn Daniels Productions, Fred Jerkins Publishing, Warner Chappell Publishing, Rodney Jerkins Productions
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SmoothCriminal 05/24/12,09:58

Michael Jackson sang many songs about the paparazzi and how they made him look like.. (Tabloid Junkie, Privacy, Leave Me Alone).. And he was innocent! But he'll always be in our hearts, RIP I love you
calvin kat 01/28/10,04:09

this song is a great song,just like every other song michael jackson as written and sang.mjwas a top entertainer simply the best.IM kinda in denial about his death,just wish it wasnt true.R.I.P MIKE X
Janice 10/09/09,12:14

Michael is referring to Princess Di who was a friend of his. Michael had many serious sides especially in his music in the last 15 years. He once said,the next woman in his life would not be a journal
Teshasmith 10/06/09,11:12

i give michael props for making this song IT GOES HARD!! man he just wnated privacy now he finally got it in heaven this will be my theme song 4 life he is a great man and we keep'n him alive!! whoo!!
Rellirht 09/25/09,17:56

I was just looking up MJ songs that I hadn't heard before and I came across this one. You can tell he meant for this to be a message, not just a song for fun. It's kinda scary, knowing he was serious.

I love Michael and hope he has the best Neverland that there is now.Death is only a change in destination...he is still alive, just not for us to be with.God wanted him to teach him how to dance.LOVEU
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