Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
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Dirty Diana Lyrics

Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .

You'll Never Make Me Stay
So Take Your Weight Off Of Me
I Know Your Every Move
So Won't You Just Let Me Be
I've Been Here Times Before
But I Was Too Blind To See
That You Seduce Every Man
This Time You Won't Seduce Me

She's Saying That's Ok
Hey Baby Do What You Please
I Have The Stuff That You Want
I Am The Thing That You Need
She Looked Me Deep In The Eyes
She's Touchin' Me So To Start
She Says There's No Turnin' Back
She Trapped Me In Her Heart

Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana
Let Me Be!

Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .
Oh No . . .

She Likes The Boys In The
She Knows When They Come To Town
Every Musician's Fan After
The Curtain Comes Down
She Waits At Backstage
For Those Who Have Prestige
Who Promise
Fortune And Fame, A Life
That's So Carefree
She's Saying That's Ok
Hey Baby Do What You Want
I'll Be Your Night Lovin' Thing
I'll Be The Freak You Can Taunt
And I Don't Care What You
I Want To Go Too Far
I'll Be Your Everything
If You Make Me A Star

Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana . . .
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana . . .
Dirty Diana!
It's Dia . . .Aa . . .Aa . . .
Come On!

She Said I Have To Go Home
'Cause I'm Real Tired You See
Now I Hate Sleepin' Alone
Why Don't You Come With
I Said My Baby's At Home
She's Probably Worried
I Didn't Call On The Phone To
Say That I'm Alright

Diana Walked Up To Me,
She Said I'm All Yours
At That I Ran To The Phone
Sayin' Baby I'm Alright
I Said But Unlock The Door,
'cause I Forgot The Key,
She Said He's Not Coming
Because He's Sleeping With

Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana, Nah
Dirty Diana, No
Dirty Diana . . .
Come On!
Come On!
Come On!
Come On!...

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Songwriter(s): Michael Jackson
Copyright: Mijac Music
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Meaning to "Dirty Diana" song text (293 meanings)
MJ'S Favorite Girl 09/06/12,00:18

I luv this song so much that I could sing it all day long and dance to his music I LOVE U MJ WILL BE MISSED FOREVER
Jasmine 03/06/12,17:59

Michael Jackson is and will always be my number 1 artist of all time even if im 12 years old lol bout to turn 13
Brain 09/01/12,21:59

This was great and will always remain great. MJ you're a LEGEND. You sang for some our restless souls. Now yours is resting after the job's perfectly done. GOD bless your soul!
angie 08/07/12,16:05

I love it he is the best thing ever that happen to me i miss we all love him and miss him GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL
victor nyami 05/27/12,10:50

maico there are so many dianas in my country come and sing to them in their dreams that they are dirty may bethey will change u were amazing singer GOD created u to be the way u were and u were that
mj diehard fan 05/06/12,16:40

Since ma childhood m hearin tis song...from the day till nw its my fav song.....man....u rocked the world....
nicole 04/25/12,11:54

WOW!!!(: i like this song because it makes me want to dance like crazy! i wish i sing as good as he can!!(:
lamanda 04/12/12,23:29

I will Always love Michael Jackson he is so amazing. Lamanda&Michael
I 03/26/12,16:17

I have never here's this song until to day and now this is my most favorite song ever! We love and miss you michael! You were a real legend and ALWAYS will be remembered!
celeste 02/02/12,21:23

tis is an awesome song n i love dancin to it especially on my michael jackson experience wii game. i love you michael jackson king of pop!!!!!!
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