Monster Lyrics

His little whispers
"Love me, love me"
That's all I ask for
"Love me, love me"

He battered his tiny fists to feel something
Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something

Monster, how should I feel?
Creatures lie here
Looking through the windows

That night he caged her
Bruised and broke her
He struggled closer
Then he stole her

Violet wrists and then her ankles, silent pain
Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams

Monster, how should I feel?
Creatures lie here
Looking through the windows
I will hear their voices
I'm a glass child
I am Hannah's regrets

Monster, how should I feel?
Turn the sheets down
Murder ears with pillow lace
There's bath tubs full of glow flies
Bathed in kerosene
Their words tattooed in his veins

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Songwriter(s): Meg Frampton, Dia Frampton
Copyright: First Track Music Publishing, Meg And Dia Music, WB Music Corp.
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Meaning to "Monster" (4 meanings)
WeirdDepressedGamer 12/07/12,18:02

this is about a guy who never knew what love felt like. later he rapes and impregnates a girl. he feels horrible about it so he bathes in a bathtub filled with kerosene and lights it on fire. Hannah is singing the song (rape victims daughter)
Devil's_NIGHTMARE 12/13/13,10:00

this song is about a guy who liked a girl named Hannah, she didn't share his feelings but in the end he raped her he covered her mouth and only he heard her screams, he also tied her wrists and ankles down. the part MONSTER HOW SHOULD I FEEL CREATURES LIE HERE LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOW means that people were watching her get raped yet they did nothing to stop it. the woman gave birth to a child that was very fragile and she didn't love the child. the man still heard the woman's screams and bathed in kerosene and was most-likely on crack. but i still like it...even if it was about rape..
ScourgeDarkAngelLover 03/17/12,18:10

this song is about a man, he raped Hannah. This man was never loved, so he thought this Hannah would love him, but, he ended up burning himself in the bathtub, Hannah's child is singing song (I Think)
mrs.sams4life 07/11/10,09:33

this song is absolutally beautiful. it reminds me of bad times though. i sung it for the school talent show and won though(: my mom dont want me listening to it...but its kinda addicting hahhahahahaha
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