The Call Lyrics

Today was gonna be the day, he'd already wrote the note
he parkked that chevrolett at the end that dead end road
had his finger on the trigger, just about to end everything
he was taking one last long breath when he heard his cell phone ring

and his best friend said man where you been?
we're heading down to the lake this weekend
you better not miss it cause buddy i swear it wont be the same if you aint there
and i told that girl that you like so much that you were comming along and her eyes lit up
I better let you go man i really hope i didnt catch you in the middle of anything
He said you kinda did but i dont mind at all
I'm glad you called.

In another town down the road, in the back seat of a car
two 18 year olds had let a kiss go to far
He said how we gonna have this child when were both headed off to school
he convinced her late one night theres only one thing to do
She was scared to death in that waiting room when the nurse asked how far along are you
she said 5 weeks and just about then her phone lit up and his call came in

He said baby i was wrong about everything i already bought you a dimond ring
were gonna start a life would you be my wife boy or girl pink or blue yeah either way
all she could say as she felt those tear drops fall i'm so glad you called

If someone you know is weighing on your mind, and needs a friend on the other end of the line
dont hesitate what you say may seem so small but who knows they might be glad you called

So make the call

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Ariel 10/09/12,22:41

Before me and my boyfriend started dating i called him just as he was about to kill himself, my phone call saved his life. And boy am i glad his in my life today. But he showed me this song the other day and we both just started crying. Very AMAZING song!!
savannah 07/11/12,00:53

My friend had the gun to his head tonight, He just recently lost his father, and had enough, I called just in time, We cried together on the phone and he promised me, He wouldnt do it. Thank you God!
K-ris 05/05/11,23:05

My friend called me not an hour before I was going to kill myself. She told me she could not live without me-out of the blue. We no longer talk but one of the last things I did was give her this song.
Violet 09/09/10,17:11

i love this song i've never been in either of these situations but i live in a place where suicide is a big issue and i just wish there were more songs like this one that could help get the pt across.
Meagan 08/16/10,00:26

i was planning on giving my daughter up for adoption because i was only 14 and til this day i am blessed that my now husband came along and showed me i could really do it i am soo blessed now mom of 2
Candace 07/20/10,16:45

The guy I was like,In love with showed me this song,he had recently liked me back so were good friends.He showed me this song and Him and I started crying.He told me not to and hugged me.Ilovethissong
Nikki 06/10/10,17:54

this song really hits home for me because two years ago I almost ened everything and my best friend at the time called me and told me she'd always be there for me she's the reason I'm still here today
Shawna♥ 05/12/10,13:36

I got pregnant right before my then boyfriend and I went to college- although we never considered abortion this song is still touching. We are now married and proud parents to our son born 06.22.09!!!
Rachael 05/11/10,15:12

I get chills every time i hear this songs. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I know that I would never get an abortion but i know he would marry me at the drop of a hat Zachary John Wright ily
Heather 04/07/10,14:59

This song really means everything to me. Back in my freshman year, in 2005, I was about to end everything, but literally JUST before I did, my best friend & the boy I was kinda seeing 3-way called me.
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