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I Like It Loud Lyrics

From the creator of don´t touch that stereo,
I want you all to know,
Marshall Masters is in the fucking house!
Yeah, we wanna kick some ass here tonight,
we wanna kick some fuckin´asses tonight,
cause we got a brandnew bag of tricks.
So, yo Marshall, bring the melody!

Alright, sing!
I wanna be the sing it out.
We go like ha ha.
Yeah, I wanna sing the melody out.
Check the single, check the single:
Dob dob dob dododob dob dob, do dob dob dob dododob dob
dob Yeah!
My radio, believe me, I like it loud!
I like the fuckin´ radio loud!
So if you don´t like the radio loud,
get the football,
and listen to the walkman.
Yeah, because check it out:

My radio, believe me,
I like it loud my radio, believe me,
I like it loud, my radio,
I like it loud, my radio believe me!
Yo bring my fuckin´ kickdrum!
Yo hold on bust the speaker man,
bust the speaker!
I can´t hear it, I can´t hear it!!
What´s man, my radio believe me,
I like it loud! My radio believe me,
I like it loud! My radio believe me,
I like it loud! My radio believe me,
I like it loud! What´s man?!?

Peace out to all the brothers in the hardcore business
beg up to yourself and keep hardcore fuckin´ strong
´cause Marshall Masters gonna do it.
If you don´t... haha!
That´s right, that´s right:
Marshall Masters´s in the house and
Marshall Masters say peace out to all the crews.

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