Someday Lyrics

You were so blind to let me go
You had it all but did not know
No one you'll find will ever be
Closer to all your dreams than me
Believing the grass would be greener
You told yourself "I just don't need her now"
But I know you'll soon discover
You're never satisfied with any other

Someday oo someday
One you gave away will be the only one you're wishing for
Someday hey hey
Boy you're gonna pay 'cause baby I'm the one who's keeping score

You'll change your mind and call my name
Soon as you find they're all the same
And when you find yourself alone
Don't come back crying
You should have known
Believe me I'm not pretending
It's not hard to predict this ending now
'Cause I know you'll soon discover
You're needing me in spite of all the others


Maybe now you just can't conceive
That there'll ever come a time
When you're cold and lonely
Baby how could you ever believe
That another could replace me
The one and only
But when you're down
In your time of need
And you're thinking
That you might be coming back to own me
Just think again
'Cause I won't need your love anymore


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Meaning to "Someday" song text (2 meanings)
yasmina 11/28/12,14:17

He will be sorry because I will have a husband by the time he wakes up.I love him so much but he plays games and we are adults I will never understand why.he shows me he can never be faithful anyway he saved me even more heartache then he already gave me.Someday he will wake up when its too late.
elizabeth 03/20/11,11:43

mariah and nick . congratulations on your beautiful twins to be i love you and youre so beautiful and love your songs and love you always
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