Lupe Fiasco - Old School Love (Ft. Ed Sheeran)


Old School Love Lyrics (ft. Ed Sheeran)

Give me that old school love right now
You know that only you and me alone...

As long as I'm here
As long as you love me
Give me that old school love right now

Give me that late 80s early 90s old school
Feeling like my second album, so cool
Chiraq summer looking so cruel
Look shorty in the eye, told me it was no rules
Went to speak but was like never mind
Let my mind just sneak back to a better time
When I was his age and if he's ever mine
Thinking he would only think back to this and never find
Better times to think back to when it comes
And he's older in the presence of somebody young
Telling him the same things that he told me
And he reacts the same way as that OG
But it's old school, it's like '03
And this old man is my old me
Takes a long time to happen so fast
To realize that your future is somebody else's past

Analog black vinyl spinning sounding so good
Top down, can't be a classic if it's no wood
If you don't know what, then you new school
Floor model is the foundation for your YouTubes
Model flows off of Fat Boys and Juice Crews
Melle Mel's, Ice-T's, and the 2 Cools
Add a Moe Dee and a Double L
Had to walk cause it's hard to run in those unbuckled shells
One microphone and a couple 12s
Six drum sounds and a couple bells
Is all you had to make a couple rails
And that's a track, and if you want it (eeeeeeeh)
You have to make it like that
Now what's one turtle to a couple snails?
Takes a long time to happen so fast
And realize your future is somebody else's past

Chiraq summer looking so cruel
How can I reel-to-reel when there's Pro Tool?
I can't dig it at all because there's no tube
Fire when you speak but ain't no warmth in your vocals
Might have been a better rhyme then just never mind
If it's better with time then think in line
That you're going to be your nicest 'round your midlife crisis
If your life like Christ live your midlife like it's... Christ-like
Nigga I ain't psychic
I know it's all a cycle and everybody bike it
And France is enormous you're Lance with endorsements
But you might need a hand to enhance your performance
Consider this a kilogram of encouragement
Teach you how to sneak it past the enforcement
And when you get it through in a manner so cool
Remember to give a little nod to the old school

Give me your old school love right now
I'm leaving it all up to you darling, giving you everything you want
And give me that old school love right now
You know that only you and me alone...

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Songwriter(s): Geoffrey Earley, Wasalu Jaco, Justin Franks
Copyright: Artist 101 Publishing Group, Artist Publishing Group West, J Franks Publishing, Hey Lu Chill Music, Geoffrey Early BMI Pub Designee
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