Midnight Blue Lyrics

Ain't got no regrets
And I ain't losin' track
Of which way I'm going
Ain't gonna double back no

Don't want no misplay
Put on no display
An angel? no!
But I know my way, oh yeah, oh

I used follow
Yeah, that's true
But my following days are over
Now I just gotta follow through

And I remember what my father said
He said "Son, life is simple"
It's either cherry red or
Midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh

You were the restless one
And you did not care
That I was the trouble boy
Lookin' for a double dare

I won't apologize for
The things I've done and said
But when I win your heart
I'm gonna paint it cherry red

I don't want to talk about it
What you do to me
I can't live without it

And you might think that
It's much too soon
For us to go this far
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
It's midnight blue, oh, oh

Things could be different
But that'd be a shame, 'cause
I'm the one who could feel the sun
Right in the pouring rain

I won't say where
And I don't know when
But soon there's gonna come a day
I'll be back again

Yeah, I'll be back for you
You see, I'm saving up my love

Midnight blue, oh, oh
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
Another midnight blue, oh, oh
The deepest midnight blue, oh, oh
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh
The deepest midnight blue, oh, oh

Songwriter(s): Bruce Turgon
Copyright: Acara Music Ltd., WB Music Corp.
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Meaning to "Midnight Blue" (2 meanings)
H. Terrell 01/15/14,18:58

This song is extremely special to me! After doing 5 yrs. I did 3 more crimes and couldn't stand myself any longer! My Dad heard a detective wanted to see me and he cooked up a story to get me off and said to promise I would tell it to the police! I remembered Christ said I came not to save the world! I came to turn a father against a son! Sitting in a parking space about to turn myself in for 3 felonies and Persistant Offender charges of up to a total possible 60 years or more, I turned on the radio and heard "Midnight Blue for the first time! Instead of the rest of my life, because I told the truth! 30 days and no record was the result! The truth set me free! Now listen to Midnight Blue again, and hear what I heard! The Lord, speaking directly to me through the song on the radio!
Calypso 08/30/12,11:05

This is a song about a guy who is discovering his own identity and is about to go on his own heroic journey into the world to discover his place in it. He does not forget the love of his life who he will be back for one day, older and wiser and having more to give.
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