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Voodoo Lady Lyrics

? Light up a cigarette?, she said
? And calm the fuck down
You got a serious side to you that
Give the whole world a frown?

Now nothin' really matters to me you see
Check out these holes in my gown
Let your eyes lose their focus a little
Let your guard come down

I was thirsty for everything
But water wasn't my style
Guess might have to teach me somethin'
Guess might have to show me how

? Now put out that cigarette?, she said
? Somethin' ain't right in here
It's tied to the both of us
I ain't sure now, it isn't clear
We could have been born helpless children
Beggin' for our next meal?

I could be you' voodoo lady
Just a classy hooker
Playin' the field
(Classy holy hooker!)
(I've made up my mind)
I've made up my mind, yea
(I came to see your sign)
(Disappear this mornin' come back tonight)

? Light up the cigarette? she said
? And calm the fuck down
(Relax and)
Let your ears hear this beautiful song
That's hidin' underneath the sound
(Underneath the sound!)?

I've made up my mind
(I made up my mind)
I came to just see you fly
Disappear this mornin'
Come back come back tonight

Voodoo lady
(Voodoo lady)
Voodoo lady
(Voodoo lady)
Voodoo lady
(Voodoo lady)
Voodoo lady

I was thirsty for everything
But blood wasn't my style
(Voodoo lady)
Did I dream you up or are you for real?
(Are you for real?)
Are you for real?
(Did I dream)
(Oh yea)

Songwriter(s): Chad David Taylor, Chad Alan Gracey, Patrick Dahlheimer, Edward Joel Kowalczyk
Copyright: Mucho Loco Music Ltd.
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