Single (no Ceilings) Lyrics

[Lil Wayne - Chorus]
Ok, pop that p-ssy and shake that ass,
pop that p-ssy and shake that ass,
i say pop that p-ssy and shake that ass, I like penis all day Nigger,

pockets on he-man,
i get it if i demand,
man I do it big, to me you n-ggas wee man,
bout to go pecans, i beat it like 3 hands,
Weezy in the building you other n-ggas freelance,
i dont give a f-zzuck,
i done got my sh-t up,
I gotta do a bit, thats push ups, sit ups,
f-ck with young money b-tch n-gga get hit up,
n-gga f-ck pay even f-ck wid us,
ima eastside n-gga yeah eastside n-gga,
where the muthaf-cking beef gets deep fried n-gga,
n-gga couldnt see me with 3 eyes n-gga,
you’s a b-tch,
No U-N-I-T-Y n-gga
on the mic I’m like pac, Im like B-I n-gga,
whoever don’t agree come and see my n-gga,
I be waiting in my mansion seaside n-gga,
young muthaf-cking M-O-N-E-Y ….

hate no, hate no
I dont wanna hate no, hate no,
but they keep pushing me, pushing me
but they keep pushing me, pushing me
I dont wanna hate nobody tonight,
I dont wanna hate nobody tonight,
but they keep pushing me, pushing me
everyday pushing me, pushing me


[Lil Wayne]
ok, Cool n Dre,
this is no ceilings,
I do this all day I got bars, no railings,
looking for a b-tch for some sexual healing,
open up her mouth and she catch it like Braylon,
Young Weezy F, the F is not for failing,
Swagger just dumb call it Sarah Palin,
if you n-ggas fly then I must be para-sailing,
we are not the same, Im a muthaf-cking alien,

Back on my saddle with the tool and my hand
uptown real n-gga b-tch landed in the sand,
back home n-gga did it for the land
for the grand with the money with the tool in my hand
high life, give a f-ck about your stripes homey,
killer kill, kill a spend your … daily homie,
turn left get your switch turned of n-gga,
turn right and get your sh-t took off n-gga,
f-ck cos we higher than we ever been,
more loaded, white doves, burning hundreds,
overseas n-gga pitching on the top floor,
high floor situation from the bottom floor,
born in the middle, shining like a diamond,
red diamonds, big diamonds how we roll n-gga,
24’s f-cking all these hoes n-gga,
high life getting money then we go n-gga,

Like father like son boy…


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