Break The News Lyrics

Yo, break the news and let 'em know what has just happened
Break the news that the L has got your hands clappin
Break the news that we're killin 'em with dope rappin
Break the news we call the shots like a damn captain

[Big Oak]
You never seen somethin like this, so I might just
break the silence and open up your eyelids
Real name's Gideon, rap alias is Oak
Either way you better of paid attention when I spoke
Cause I don't recite any old mumbo jumbo
I speak real words and put 'em together like gumbo
I've seen a lot, in my journey through hip-hop (true)
And I consider a lesson in what not to do
I only say this because I'm jaded
And I love hip-hop so much that I hate it, but yo
I keep on movin with my checklist
I hand around like a necklace, build like (?)
So it seems like 2000 seasons, for various reasons
I never run I only walk or else I'll start wheezin
My verbal artillery will rip apart regions
And then bring 'em back together with my smart teachin
I only wish that that people listen; cause when you don't
I might as well resort to bringin y'all the pot to piss in
I grab the quarter out the bucket that you flipped it
and give it right back (here) because I want it like that
Y-yo-yo, here's to a long and prosperous career
And cheers to the words that I'm spittin in your good ear
I can't lose, I dot my ones, cross my twos, take the brews
Break the news, you got the national boulevard blues

They say, to play the rules
They say, to pay your dues
I think it's time to set them loose
So now, we break the news

[Chorus x2]

[Nick Fury]
A graduate of the Greenfield Academy
Makin a splash like Cannonball Adderly
They're mad at me (what for) breakin 'em down (up yours)
That's what I tell 'em and passengers for askin
Got a deep rooted passion for provin 'em wrong
That's why I walk like I'm bein followed by my theme song
Introducin me, your next favorite rapper
when you're tired of the same bullshit chit-chatter
nonsense on record, I wreck your conception
Pre-conceived notion, rectified perceptions
A whole new view, have you seein me in 3-D
Letterbox edition, I can see it all completely
Aww shit! It's happenin again
They remember that we're dope and now they wanna be friends
But the L only rolls with the L
and the team that'll fight for the L, my life is a L
From my morning cerea-L, to my L in the P.M.
It's the L cause all my life I makin moves like a GM


[Chorus x2]

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