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Mitosis Lyrics

Alright stop cooperate and listen
the steps of mitosis are in condition
first step interphase grip it tightly
cell organelles double daily and nightly
any more info? yo I dont know
DNA copies and the cell grows
here comes the extreme the cell grows it's too much to
it grows as fast as the light of a candle
The chromatin condenses into chromo-somes
the nuclear membrane disappears and goes boom
this is the prophase melody
to place this in any other step would be a felony
what happens next? you will have to wait
learn this material fool, kid dont play
if your wondering your eye color mitosis will solve it
because your heredity... chromosomes tell all of it
Now that the cell is jumpin
and the spindle fibers appear to be pumpin
quick to the point this is the metaphase no fakin
the spindle apparatus are lined up like a string of
the cell cycle is quick and nimble
now chromosomes are in the center of the cell yo
I was at school and I heard a bell
the microscope shows the centrosomes in the cell
the cell is forming... real fast
chromosomes are the fuel... the cells gass
apparatus to apparatus the cell is packed
the centrosomes move to the side as the apparatus stack
metaphase is the scene you know what I mean
mitosis helps me survive just like protein
if your wondering your hair color mitosis will solve it
because your heredity chromosomes tell all of it

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