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The Truth Lyrics

Yo! This song is dedicated to all the people who want
to know the truth about the things that are going on and
i bet you all just don't understand it... So, now i'm
gonna explain that to you and i hope you get it... Aiy Yo!

[Flyndew & Whay-K]
This is the real story of all those ignorant people
who weren't ready to understand what they didn't know
Now, they're gonna find out some things that will
make'em crazy
They'll get really mad with them, they won't be able to
But first, we'd better start with something easier
'cause man, i'm not in the mood to start it all over
and don't ever tell me that i don't know how to rap
'cause i went through a lot of trouble to produce this
I don't care with all the shit that you say
and it doesn't mean it's something you'll get away
But pay attention to it, cause it's not only noise
It's time to forget all this shit and let's get back to
the point
Look, these aren't just words that sound combined
cause they together can make really great rhymes
So, take it as if you were listening to a message from
Take this like your opportunity, like your only shot
You may think that just because i'm a rapper i do crack
So, here goes the cold water... cause i do not!
It makes you think i'm a nice person or something like
But if you know me deeper, you'll see that i'm bad
Now, to tell you all i want, it won't take long
But, be careful cause i don't want you to take it wrong
I wanna make it clear for you what i'm feeling inside
I'm mad with all that shit and sometimes i wanna die
Unfortunately, i'm feeling angry and mentally tired...
Feels like my source of life's just run out of strength
so bad that i have no energy left to fight
But, if you're really a man, you just can't give up!
If i ask you whatta fuck is going on with the world
You'd probably tell me that you don't know
So, that's why i'm writing this song, that's what i
wanna show
And if you're concentrated, that's more one verse i blow
It's over dudes, i'm stopping to delay this fight
Actually, that's one of the things i just can't put up
So, get ready, i'm gonna tell you important things...
You'll hear stuff about your life, the world and about

(First Chorus 1x) [Flyndew, Shadow & & Whay-K]
So, what will you do...? (We can help you)
If you don't know what's true...(Believe in the truth)
So, what's going on...? (That's what we'll show you)
We'll tell you in this song...(If you wanna know it)

Do you know who is really a fucking fake?
It's not the rap, it's not me... Have you found a trace?
Anyway, could you let me describe its face?
It looks like trash and it's upset with the white race
I show it for ya slowly cuz' i am not lazy
But if you don't get it, then i will get crazy...
The fake is some of you people, is it okay?
Fuck it, now i'm gonna say what i gotta say!
I know i've been bullied for half of my life
But, now i'm done, i'm gonna get up and i'm gon' fight
All because i was born in hell, that's right
and it gets worse because i'm a fuckin' white
But now, i got this rap and i'll try
to spit all these rhymes 'till i die!
Have you got a clue about what it feels like
to feel so sad that bad that you just can't cry?
When you look out the window what d'you see?
You see the sky, it's not a lie, yeah, i agree...
People under the same sun kill others just for fun...
They don't care, they kill people with a knife or with a
It's ironic cause those motherfuckers are fuckin' dumb
They make shit, then they act like if they haven't done
It happens exactly the same with the government
Did you get it? Cause i'm not saying this shit again
I know it might be a little hard for you to understand
We can't stop now, we're getting close to the end
You know, the kind of thing that i just can't stand
When people bully you 'cause you act a little different

[Flyndew & Shadow]
Man the people know you by the things you do
and you can do anything you want if you set your mind to
Sometimes, in your life you got some things to choose
Make the right choice and you might get something you'll
never lose
Man, i've changed the way i think and the way i've been
and you can follow me if this game you want to win!
You'd better watch what you say and what you do
Cause if you make a mistake, it might backfire on you
You own your future and you can change your destiny
Your life's on your hands. Is that so hard to see?
The most people don't know what they're able to
and that's part of the message we wanna show you
No matter if you are a boy or a girl
We're just telling you that together we'd change the
I warn you not to believe in the fake ideas
So, you'd better believe in the truth and join us!
It's your only chance, your lifetime shot
You've got two options... Will you join us or not?
I'm sure that in the end of this tunnel there's some
You'll see it with your eyes cuz' we'll give you the
Now, let's stop talking and let's start to act!
Let's go to the streets, let's mosh, yeah, that's rap!
Let's mosh for a better future and for respect
When they try to shut us up, we'll re-act!
Notice the government speeches are always the same
Like... "everything's gon' be ok, there's no one to
We can't put up with all these lies anymore!
We want a peaceful world! We want no more war!
Don't let them get away with lying to you so easy
We'll make them swallow it, let's make'em freeze
and now look at this story of the ignorant people
They've found out the truth and there're gonna change
the world!

(Last Chorus 2x) [Flyndew, Shadow & Whay-K]
So, what will you do? (We will lead you)
Now that you know the truth...(Let's do what's true)
So, what's going on? (Now, answer that question)
We've just told you in this song (We want the freedom)

Let's mosh for the future of the next generations, for
the future of Earth, join us, then, we'll show you
We can avoid the future tears of your kids to be cried,
no more fear, no more war... Likey!

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