Twist Lyrics

You're not the right one dumb damn rapper
Not the right goddamn
Who are you to rap shit take off
And who says you're right

On top you think you're bomb artista
But you're bent out of, oh, right
Suck my dick
But don't you think that you're, oh, right

Sometimes things might make me
Oh, it makes me mad
And when it happens f**k it
Rugged in mind a hint of bite
Why does it not exist in you?

Right, shit, why hit in yet another day
Woo hoo right
It's not woo hoo right
But you're wrong

Twist, twist, twist, twist

Put me in right, now make mad
Prove that you're right
Somehow you're not right, huh
But that don't make me mad

Right now you're beggin' for a little brew
All night
Yeah, it's so simple
I had some red dog, you hand over it

Twist, twist, twist, twist

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Songwriter(s): James Shaffer, Jonathan Davis, Reginald Arvizu, Brian Welch, David Silveria
Copyright: Goathead? Music, WB Music Corp.
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Meaning to "Twist" song text (5 meanings)
dustin destruckshun 06/09/11,22:24

this song is about how he hats rap and he hates rappers cause they always act like theyre so much better than metal heads
tony 05/13/10,22:27

it is a killer song and if you know korn at all you know that he is not really saying anything. he does in a couple songs.(not enough though)
Your Mom 03/11/10,14:56

Yeah, there aren't any lyrics to this song. Listen hard people. Its not anything. No words in any language. (except twist, of course)
matthew 02/01/10,19:01

this has lyrics phil! this isnt the right lyrics. but he speaking jipperish i think actually not but i forget what languse
thomas 09/13/09,10:54

i knew just half of the lyrics and all my friens said that twist is just yelling and there dead wrong.
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