Daddy Lyrics

Mother please forgive me
I just had to get out all my pain and suffering
Now that I am done, remember I will always love you
I'm your son

Little child, looking so pretty
Come out and play, I'll be your daddy
Innocent child, looking so sweet
A rape in my eyes and on your flesh I'll eat

You've raped!
I feel dirty
It hurt!
As a child
Tied down!
That's a good boy
And f**ked!
Your own child
I scream!
No one hears me
It hurt!
I'm not a liar
My God!
Saw you watching
Mommy why?!
Your own child

It's alright

I didn't touch you there
Mama said she didn't care
I didn't touch you there
That's why mama stopped and stared

I f**king hate you! Mother f**ker!
Mother f**ker! I f**king hate you! f**k You!
You son of a bitch, you f**king ruined my life!
I wanted to die!
I'm sick of it, mother f**ker . . . oh oh
Why'd you f**k'n do it to me?
I Hate You!
I f**k'n Hate You!
I Hate You!
I Hate You!

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Meaning to "Daddy" song text (8 meanings)
5layer 03/30/12,23:13

this song is about him being molested by his neighbor and his parents not beileving him or doing anything about it,when he cries and screams i cry and scream thinking about him getting aids from that
cat 08/25/11,22:48

Daddy- song about someone who raped him when he was a child (either a neighbor or a family member) and his parents didn't believe him !! Pretty- relates to his experience working at the morgue!
MW 05/06/11,02:33

He got abused by his neighbour. He says to the media:When I was a kid I was being abused by someone else and I went to my parents and told them about it, and they thought I was lying.
RIVS 07/28/10,10:21

JG is correct. The song about the little girl in the morgue who was raped and beaten to death is Pretty.
JG 04/10/10,17:55

Both wrong. Its about a good family friend that ended up sexual abusing JD when he was a kid. He told his parents but they didn't believe him.
dash 03/22/10,12:39

very wrong. this song is about when before jonathon davis got into music he worked in a morgue. well they had brought in a body of a little girl with her legs broke backwards. Her daddy was to blame.
meeee 03/10/10,15:46

the song is about his childhood and being raped by his father, hes saying that his mother must've known but didn't try to stop or believe it.
heli 11/01/09,03:43

i don't think there are all the lyrics here. as i was listening to the song there are whole bits missin.
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