Cool Down Lyrics

Verse 1: Its another firey afternoon (so hot, so hot) Hotter than the
of June So we should go beach now (cool down) cool down where
waters right yeah Lets grab our boards and run, run, run, run Run
to the
nearest shore School is pau, lets go now And hele out the door

Chorus: The waves is on fire, the day is getting hot this is my
desire, the
one to hit the spot ah yeah cool down (2x)

Verse 2:
The waters looking nice and blue (so blue, so blue) Bluer than the
sky And the waves are firein' getting higher and better even as we
yeah Dont you melt the sun, sun, sun, sun, sun its hotter than ever
So lets ride, ride Surf and ride some more

Chorus:The waves is on fire, the day is getting hot,this is my
desire,the one
to hit the spot ah yeah cool down (2x)

All you divers well go and get your gear And all you riders well now
with no more fear Cause its a hot day, everybody shoulda go,
shoulda go,
shoulda go and cool off yeah All you paddlers well a go and get
your crew
And everybody else you know what to do Go grab your Ohana its
so nice
outside Were living in Hawaii with Aloha and pride yeah

Chorus: The waves is on fire, the day is getting hot, this is my
one to hit the spot ah yeah cool down (3x)

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Meaning to "Cool Down" song text (15 meanings)
Arnefhea Joy 09/20/12,01:20

A song that gives joy to everyone that loves having adventure,bonding,relaxation,in the ocean,and its dedicated to our water athletes in the whole wide world.Every person who here this brings joy to dance and sing..I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
siu 07/02/11,17:47

hi kolohe kai i love this song i download it on my computer and i put it on my facebook and bebo i listen to it
eddie 01/10/11,03:54

hey jordan , ryan ,noah.jasmine.and roman keep on writin song s because they ar sick and roman bro the best singer ever i try to top that but i cant so you guys ar sweet .YOU GUYS AR THE BEST sick :)
grace.E 09/15/12,08:53

It really sounds like you're in a beach and every time I listen to this song, it makes me COOL DOWN, yeeaah! I love this song!!!
gabrielle 08/30/12,18:50

cool down makes me feel happy and it makes me feel like going to the beach with all my cousins and family
kj Esdrelon 07/12/12,00:25

The cooldown song by hawaiian band .........makes me remember my best friend who in Canada ....mis uuuu....
jurish alterado 05/17/12,10:30

thz song really makes me feel good . I feel lyk i really love hawaii though itz not my country.. Very relaxng.yeah
wil 03/31/12,19:07

its nice to hear.. i love this song almost one year.. voice from davao city kolohe kai is the best summer hit song!
deelicious'casol 06/24/11,17:46

OMG..whenever i go anywhere or especially when i'm in my room thinking..thats t tym i listen to yhu guys song..i sometime wish u guys were here singing it to meh in person..!!u guys rock!!
manaia 06/09/11,17:45

Hey my name is manaia and im a very bi fan of your crew i would like if you could come to new zealand and have a concert here for me and let me in for free please come im begging yous please
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