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Mind Went Blank Lyrics

South Park
South Park
South Park
(Man I'm bout to lose my mind)
South Park
South Park
(Man I'm bout to lose my mind)
South Park
South Park
(Man I'm bout to lose my mind)
South Park
South Park
(Man I'm bout to lose my mind)
South Park
South Park?
Watch a nigga pull up, trunk on 15's
Mind on some shit, that got my grind on plenty
Niggas know I switch scenes
Gotta get my green, gotta get that paper
And I gotta rep for my team
Got my city on my back
But other niggas, they want it
Niggas run away from my sound and then everybody take from it
But not me I gotta stay down, H-Town up in the air when I'm around
Hear that shit when I open my mouth
Ain't fuck with me then, don't fuck with me now bitch
Shit, I'm jammin -Ro when I'm swangin
Yall ain't gotta fuck with me, either way I'm maintainin
Fish fillet and my lady, in a candy Mercedes
Pullin up to Timmy Chan's
taper fade under Raiders
Club promoters, they pay me
free loaders
They won't ever see a piece of all this money we makin
Got this lil Cali lady, she was out there in Vegas
She called me say they played my songs
''I'm so happy you made it''
Country nigga, they in love with this Red Bone thug
Tatted up but we don't ever put a bitch on us
Cause a bitch ain't shit, but a ho' and a slut
I got that from my nigga Greg, that's my brotha, my blood
See that same bitch you try to talk to in the club, turn you down, just to bring her and her friends to us
We just chillin at the crib playin Madden and stuff
House shoes, Jordan shorts, hella tatted and stuff
And I don't smoke alotta weed, but I know my trees
So nigga don't you bring that
20 dollar Dro
I know some ho's that'll give their life to blow by me
Same ho's go back and tell you they know bout me
When my mind goes blank
When your mind goes blank x3
When my mind goes blank

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