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Shiner Lyrics

Where do you get off wanting the royal treatment? who put you on
Your pedestal? i'll tell you who, the kids did! they created
You, and how do you repay them? with your snotty looks and your
Catchy hooks and your rock star image. they created you, and how
Do you repay them? with some words of truth to guide them trough
Your mind manipulation. but when the time comes to back up what
You say, will you run away? i'd bet all i had on it. that's what
I said, i'd bet it all. we're all singing along to the same tune
Just like you. big deal, you wrote it, but you don't promote it.
You don't promote it! it may sound cliche. i don't care. i've
Seen the way you cheat at all the games you play. misuse trust
To get what you want it's so easy to believe you. cause you're
In a band with a mic in your hand and everybody wants to be you.
Well i won't try to. because i don't want to. when the time comes
To back up what i say. i won't run away. run away from you, run
Away from this, because it means more to me. we're all singing
Along to the same tune, just like you. big deal, we wrote
It... now it's time to promote it. remember, we're all in this
Together. i gotta know! what could it be that makes you unhappy?
Is it the world that you see, or the world that can't see you?

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