Mama You're A Liar Lyrics

mama, u're a liar

I used to be a strong girl, mama said that strong girls don't cry

I used to be a cute little girl, mama said that cute girls don't lie

but I say...mama u were so wrong, I cry but I feel strong

and I don't wanna be like u, I hate the things u do


mama u're a liar, u say u want me to be me

mama u're a liar, u say that u believe in me

everything u said seemed so right, I never knew that u could be so wrong

but all I really want is u to hold me tight, it's everything I need to feel strong

remember, how we used to speak, until we fell asleep

remember, how u dried my tears, it all was so sincere

but now

mama, u're a liar, u say u want me to be me

u r such a liar, u say that u believe in me

when I was a little girl

I considered u an angel

mama, we were so damn close

and now u're just a stranger


mama u're liar.....

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